Michael Jackson – Moonwalker (2010) BD蓝光原盘 18.9G

Michael Jackson – Moonwalker (2010) BD蓝光原盘 18.9G_Blu-ray_BDMV_BDISO_

英文名称 : Michael Jackson – Moonwalker (2010)
中文名称 : 迈克尔杰克逊 月球漫步
资源类型 : 音乐电影
资源规格 : Blu-ray 蓝光原盘 (BDMV/BDISO)
下载方式 : 百度网盘
文件体积 : 18.9G

Director :
Jerry Kramer, Jim Blashfield, Colin Chilvers

Cast :
Michael Jackson, Joe Pesci, Sean Lennon, Kelly Parker, Brandon Quintin Adams, Jeff Adkins, Patrick Alan, Dante Basco, Dion Basco, Jennifer Batten

Description :
A mixture of videos of live concerts of Michael Jackson and a number of artistic scenes with him as the main character. This included some of Michael′ s best videos from a world tour with the Bad album, as well as a Smooth Criminal video with a fantasy storyline. The whole story is told through music \ dance and is full of special effects.

The film includes :
The man in the mirror
Leave me alone
Come along
Walk the moon
Slippery criminal

Michael Jackson – Moonwalker (2010) BD蓝光原盘 18.9G_Blu-ray_BDMV_BDISO_1

Michael Jackson – Moonwalker (2010) BD蓝光原盘 18.9G_Blu-ray_BDMV_BDISO_2