U2 – From The Sky Down (2011) BD蓝光原盘 30.3G

U2 – From The Sky Down (2011) BD蓝光原盘 30.3G_Blu-ray_BDMV_BDISO_

英文名称 : U2 – From The Sky Down (2011)
中文名称 : U2乐队纪录片 : 从天而降
资源类型 : 音乐纪录片
资源规格 : Blu-ray 蓝光原盘 BDMV
下载方式 : 百度网盘
文件体积 : 30.3G

From the Sky Down is a 2011 documentary film directed by Davis Guggenheim about rock band U2 and the production of their 1991 album Achtung Baby. The film documents the album′s difficult recording period, the band members′ relationships, and the group′s creative process. Guggenheim, who was commissioned by U2 to create the film to commemorate Achtung Baby′s 20th anniversary, spent several months in 2011 developing the documentary. Archival footage and stills from the recording sessions appear in From the Sky Down, along with unreleased scenes from the group′s 1988 motion picture Rattle and Hum. For the documentary, the band were filmed during a return visit to Hansa Studios in Berlin where the album was partly recorded, and during rehearsals in Winnipeg for the Glastonbury Festival 2011.

Content :

From the Sky Down (A Documentary)
So Cruel (Bono′s Solo Performance)
Love Is Blindness (Edge′s Solo Performance)
The Fly (Bono′s Solo Performance)
Highlights Online Press Conference
Photo Gallery

U2 – From The Sky Down (2011) BD蓝光原盘 30.3G_Blu-ray_BDMV_BDISO_1

U2 – From The Sky Down (2011) BD蓝光原盘 30.3G_Blu-ray_BDMV_BDISO_2