The Bee Gees – In Our Own Time (2010) BD蓝光原盘 35.3G

The Bee Gees – In Our Own Time (2010) BD蓝光原盘 35.3G_Blu-ray_BDMV_BDISO_

英文名称 : The Bee Gees – In Our Own Time (2010)
中文名称 : 比吉斯合唱团属于我们的时间
资源类型 : 音乐纪录片
资源规格 : Blu-ray 蓝光原盘 BDMV
下载方式 : 百度网盘
文件体积 : 35.3G

In Our Own Time is the latest in a series of documentaries chronicling the career of the Gibb brothers. So much has been written about The Bee Gees over the years, yet this film shows the group through the eyes of its remaining members, Barry and Robin. It covers every stage of their careers from their international breakthrough in 1967, through the disco era and up to the death of Maurice in 2003, which heralded the end of The Bee Gees. Other highlights include a section dedicated to younger brother Andy, the songwriting success with other artists and Barry & Robin performing in the present. The film ends with Barry & Robin′s admiration for each and a vow to continue working together which may signal a project together.

Director : Skot Bright

Cast : The Bee Gees, Tony Bennett, Don Everly, Phil Everly, Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb, Robin Gibb, Quincy Jones, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Barbra Streisand

The Bee Gees – In Our Own Time (2010) BD蓝光原盘 35.3G_Blu-ray_BDMV_BDISO_1

The Bee Gees – In Our Own Time (2010) BD蓝光原盘 35.3G_Blu-ray_BDMV_BDISO_2